Want to participate in the Wingsuit World Record?

This is an invitational event, and we want you to be there! The first step is to plan on attending two or more camps throughout the year. Events will be held in multiple countries, some of them by the leadership team and some by country reps. Invitations will be given out after every round of camps around the world. Invitations can only be issued by the organizers, but our decisions are based on input from country reps and video we see from the camps. The bottom line is that everyone wants this formation to be safe and successful, and we will do everything we can to make it that way.

Country Reps (this list will be updated until complete)

Country Point of Contact Email
Australia Hayden Galvin
Canada Andrew Levson
Finland Tero Paukku
Germany Rolf Brombach
Germany Tim Hedderich
Russia Valery Rozov
Switzerland Patrick Reuter
Switzerland Reto Nyffenegger
UK Mark Harris
USA/South Africa Taya Weiss

Confirmed List

Everyone who receives an invitation will also be given a unique username and password with which to register for the record. You can log in as many times as you want to update your information (for example, if you don't have your license number or logbook with you, you can fill out everything else and come back later to update these fields). Once you have submitted your registration form, even if it is not complete, your name ONLY (no personal details) will appear here on a list of confirmed participants.

Confirmed Participants

Shellie Anderson Brian Cumming Francisco Javier Godinez Joseph Edward Likierman Joachim Pfahler Scott Smith
Erik Andreen Todd Davis Robert Gray Sergio Lima Eugene Potgieter Daniel Smith
Yegor Arlou Patrick de Guillebon Kiefer Grossi Oscar Lozada James Raimar Joel Steverson
Elena Avdeeva Lawrence de Laubadere Eric Gueffier Sean MacCormac Raider Ramstad Stephen Such
Betty Bennett Matthew Diaz Heather Harer Frédéric Magnard Simon Repton Larisa Sverdlenko
Riaan Bergh Greg Drogaline Mark Harris Ryan Maher Daniel Rodriguez Michael Swearingen
Chuck Blue Alexey Drozdov Tim Hedderich Sergey Makeev David Royer Rossi Sylvain
Ryan Blunk Cedric Dumont Cate Heneghan Marko Mäkelä Valery Rozov Steve Thomas
Michel Bonnard Blair Egan Nick Hennenfent Guy Martin Guzeliya Safiullina Sylvia Tozbikian
Rolf Brombach Gilaad Elstein Eike Hohenadl Samantha Matthews David Sanders Myles Treadwell
Mirko Buholzer Regina Elwell Reginald Hurlbut Randy McCoy Dennis Sattler Alexandre Trias
David Butterell Joe Engel Omnia Ibrahim BJ Michaeli Philippe Scheurer Jeremy Tyer
Lori Butz Patrick Everson Shin Ito Tomoya Nakagawa Patrick Schraufnagel Anatoly Uzun
Tom Cain Glen Fafard John Kallend Robyn Nicks Jim Scott Gaylord Van Brocklin
Vicente Cajiga Dmitry Fisanov Will Kitto Sergey Nikulin Alexey Shatilov Massimo Verri
Jose Calderon Vitaliy Fomchenkov Johannes Klefbohm Sebastian Nossing Joshua Sheppard Andrei Volkov
Brian Caldwell Fabrizio Fontanesi Juho Korjus Laura Nossing Abraham Sheppard Alexander von Scheidt
Scott Callantine Ludovic Francois Mark Krasinski Oliver Nöthen Leonid Sigalov Gleb Vorevodin
Luigi Cani Tom Fritz Alexander Krasnikov William Onieal Giovanni Silvestri Taya Weiss
Jason Carter Jerad Garnett Mette Høgaard Kristensen Sergey Panteleev Don Simmons Maximilian Werndl
Kipp Chambers Francis Gastellu Patrick Krones Fabien Panzica Kenny Simon Keith Williams
Ted Chen David Gershfeld Ross Lambert Richard Parkin Irina Sinitsina James Yaru
Gary Crisp Terry Godfrey Andrew Levson Ed Pawlowski Benny Skovhede Stephane Zunino