Holiday Inn Express Perris

The Holiday Inn Express in Perris is the closest hotel to the dropzone and is well-frequented by other bigway events such as the Perris P3 100-way camps. It is a nice hotel with a hot tub and swimming pool (friends and family will probably be able to see the record attempts from the pool area). The hotel has 40 double rooms and 30 single rooms, all with refrigerators, high speed wireless internet access, and all the amenities. There is a business center and a gym. The group skydiver rate of $79 per night for all rooms, single AND double, includes a buffet breakfast every day starting at 6am. Call the hotel directly at +1 (951) 943-5577 and let them know you would like the Skydiver Rate to book your room. Rooms do fill up, so it is advisable to book in advance.  

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Other Hotels and Bunkhouse Options

Other accommodation options including more nearby hotels, a local house for rent, the super cheap dropzone bunkhouse, and the IHOP (International House of Parachutists) can be found at Skydive Perris's facilities page (click on Bunkhouse & IHOP and Travel & Accommodation at the top).

Book the bunkhouse and the IHOP as early as possible to avoid disappointment. You can make a booking by emailing: