Compete October 5-16, 2012! 

What is the competition? 

It's a simple, two-way wingsuit formation skydiving event. Grab a friend and a video flyer and you're ready to compete! It's free and the judging takes place remotely via your uploaded video online from October 6-14, which spans two weekends. USPA will post the required dives on its website October 5. You may perform the dives as many times as you wish and submit footage of your best performances by October 15. This will give USPA an opportunity to see how well the draft rules work and will also serve as a nice experiment in online judging. USPA will announce the winners of the event October 17.

Who is hosting this competition?

This is a test event for the USPA Collegiate Nationals (more on that below). Your participation will give USPA an opportunity to see how well the draft rules work and will also serve as an experiment in online judging. You can compete anywhere in the world as long as you can upload video of your dives.

What are the National Collegiate Skydiving Championships? 

The National Collegiate Parachuting League was formed in 1961 and has hosted competitions at various locations in the U.S. ever since. USPA conducts the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships to promote learning, safety, competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among college skydivers.

The collegiates provide a great way for college students, generally limited for funding, to compete in skydiving, and many continue on as competitors after graduation. 

Do I have to be a college student to compete? What are the requirements?

No - you don't even have to be a USPA member. We want as many teams as possible to enter all over the world, whether novice, intermediate, or advanced, to help test the dive pool, give judges a range of videos to look at, and encourage the youth of today to embrace the nylon addiction even further. This is an unofficial test event. All feedback from competitors is welcome.

Why is the dive pool so simple?

Collegiate competition is geared towards students, most of whom have not had the opportunity to train full-time or accumulate massive amounts of jumps. Events are simpler to provide a fun and level playing field. If you think the dive pool is too easy, we want you to compete and throw down hundreds of points! This will help the judges to learn how wingsuit FS works and will contribute a lot to our understanding of the rules.

Why doesn't the working time start on exit? 

This rule comes from the World Military Championships. It is in place so teams that jump different aircraft are not at an advantage or disadvantage, ie tailgate/C-182. 

Remember you can try each round as many times as you want! You only post the best. The draw will be posted Friday at 1800 Mountain Standard Time. Directions on posting your videos are with the draw. Good Luck!


If you have any questions my email is
Good luck, be safe and have fun,
Bill Wenger